The Rules


New Trial Members:
1: Approved applicants receive a 3-month Free Trial Membership

2: After 3-months, they need to become paid members or leave the group

3: Free Trial Memberships include a “name & phone number only” listing in the directory

4: Free Trial Members do not have secure categories, and others with the same category may apply for  a Trial Membership. The first Free Trial Member in any given category that
becomes a paid member with secure their category listing, and other Trial Members in that category must leave the group.

4: Free Trial Membership members may convert to Paid Members at any time, and receive
a full directory listing.

5:  There can be more than one “Free Trial Member” in any business category.  Once there is a paid member in that category,  the other “Free Trial Members” in that category must leave the group.

Paid Members:
1: Paid members receive a 1-year Full Listing in the directory

2: Annual Membership is $100.00

3: Paid members will receive $10.00 credit of their next years membership for each new
paid member that they refer, with a maximum on $100.00 credit in a membership year.

4: Paid members secure their category withing the group for the length of their membership,
as long as they attend at least 75% of the meetings

5:  There can only be one paid member in any business category,  unless there are specialties or different types within a category – i.e.  auto insurance,  life insurance,  health insurance,  etc.

Meeting Rules:
1: All members are must attend a minimum of 75% of the meetings to secure their category listing.

2: Members that do not attend the required meeting will forfeit their category listing and paid            membership fee.

3: Members must be at the meeting at the announced meeting time. Late members will pay
a $2.00 fine which will go into a Benevolent Fund, reserved for a charity, at some time in the future.

1: All members will receive 2 minutes to do their “Elevator Speech

2: All Paid Members will have an opportunity to do a 15 minute presentation on their business,
and will be added to a rotating schedule.

1: All meeting will start with the Pledge ofAllegiance to our flag, and all members are expected
to stand and participate

2: The leader will make any announcements and introduce any new members.

3: The leader will then start the “Elevator Speeches”

4: The Member Presentation will follow

5: The meeting will close and be followed by one-on-one networking

6: Members will pay for their own meals at the meeting location, and are expected to order.
We are afforded meeting location ate restaurants because the restaurants expect us to order. It is the fair and right thing to do, as well as leave a reasonable tip.